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Letters in the Media

This page will be used to keep record of letters I have had printed in UK print media as an archive and to help motivate me to write more.


BNP and Islam - October 2009

THE INDEPENDENT:24 October 2009, The BNP on Question Time

THE GUARDIAN: 24 October 2009, The BNP on Islam


Muslim no-go zones - January 2008

THE TIMES: 09 January 2008, Church should be encouraging interfaith dialogue, not divisions

The Veil - October 2006

THE TIMES: 09 October 2006, Muslim women and the draw of the veil

THE INDEPENDENT : 09 October 2006, Letters

Archbishop of Canterbury and Da Vinci Code - April 2006

THE GUARDIAN : 20 April 2006, 'Laughing in the face of Dan Brown'

Muhammad Caricatures - February 2006

THE SCOTSMAN : 08 February 2006, Points of View

THE INDEPENDENT : 08 February 2006, Letters

THE SUNDAY TIMES : 12 February 2006, 'Keeping our cool in a cartoon climate'