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Arif Khan is a London based researcher and writer, most noted for his work as Editor of the Tomb of Jesus Website (www.tombofjesus.com). His academic and professional interests centre around Computer Science and the financial world (MSci Computer Science - London 2004), yet from the age of 19 he has had research articles published in magazines and journals on a variety of theological, historical and social issues.

A strong personal interest in the 'Jesus in India' theory, along with his IT background, meant Arif was an ideal candidate for editor of the Tomb of Jesus Website, a position he has held since 2003. The website has become the online centre for Jesus in India studies since its launch in December 1999, bringing together research material from Christian, Judaic, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist sources in a rich multimedia experience.

Arif has had letters published in several national newspapers in the UK including The Times, The Independent, the Guardian and the Scotsman. His letters have been on issues ranging from the veil and protests after the Muhammad Caricatures to the Archbishop of Canterbury's comments on The Da Vinci Code.

Arif appears in Paul Davids' 2008 film, Jesus in India, providing analysis on a number of topics including the theory that Jesus survived the Crucifixion, the Lost Tribes of Israel in India, the Islamic responses and varying beliefs on Jesus and the Rozabal tomb in Kashmir. Arif Khan also took part in a panel Q&A session after the premiere of the film Jesus in India, in Palm Springsin October 2008 as well as a Q&A session with BBC director Richard Denton at UCL in January 2012.

A member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Arif has been actively involved in leadership roles for the community at local and national level ranging from a local youth leader to assistant to the national youth publications secretary.

Now aged 30, Arif is focusing on continuing research into the Historical Jesus with particular emphasis on the varying portrayals of Jesus in world faiths and the alleged tomb of Jesus in Kashmir. In addition to questioning the orthodox beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam towards Jesus, his research includes Buddhist and Hindu responses to Jesus.

Arif is a special contributor for the internationally respected The Review of Religions magazine, which has been in publication since 1902. Arif has written articles looking at the latest research on the Crucifixion of Jesus, and moving on to topics areas such as the Shroud of Turin and the Rozabal Tomb.

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